Jean-Claude Guimberteau M.D is founder of the Institut Aquitain de la Main, Director of Research and Past President (2012) of the French Plastic, Reconstructive and Esthetic surgyré society.
He is member of the French Hand Society (GEM) and of the French Plastic and Reconstructive surgery society (SOFCPRE).

Dr J.C.GUIMBERTEAU has always been fascinated throughout his surgical career by the sliding and suppleness of tissues and structures.
He was trained at the Bordeaux Hospital University in 1968-1980. Then he completed his military service in Benin (Africa) 1973-1974

From the beginning of his training, he was one of the pioneers in microsurgery and transplantations. He took part in the first operations of reimplantations and free transfers of organs by microsurgery as senior resident in the Hand and Plastic department of the Bordeaux University (Dr AJM. Goumain and Pr J. Baudet)

In 1977, he spent 6 months as visiting fellow with Pr J.M. Converse in New York (USA) and Pr R. Millard in Miami (USA).
Introducing innovative concepts in hand anatomy, physiology and secondary flexor tendon repair, he has been supported many years by Pr Cl Verdan (Lausanne Switzerland) and Pr H.E. Kleinert. ( Louisville,USA)

He has been a pioneer in hand surgery innovating with a technique for reconstruction of flexor tendons, using vascularized island transfers and has performed the first vascularized allotransplants of flexor tendon. 1991
This enabled him to give lectures in many foreign countries for years until today and to have may visiting fellows and residents.

Fascinated by the sliding of the organs, especially the tendons, he undertook an exploration of the structures first with a microscope and then with an endoscope.
Confronted all days with these observations of flexibility, suppleness, gliding, he did not have a satisfactory physiological and mechanical academic explanation.
Only the work of A. KAPANDJI had initiated and encouraged the research.

Then the exploration and adventure began.