New ideas in hand flexor tendon surgery

Language : English
Author : Dr. J-C Guimberteau
The sliding system. Vascularized flexor tendon transfers.

This is a practical and comprehensive guide for hand surgeons to innovations in hand flexor tendon reconstructions introducing new concepts such as the Multimicrovacuolar Collagenic Absorbing System, the Sliding Unit, vascularized island flexor tendon autotransfers with or without associated skin flap, and vascularized flexor tendon homotransplants.

Step-by-step descriptions of different technical procedures, performed in ONE STAGE, are included as well as sections focusing on tendon sliding and vascularization. Information is provided on key anatomic and biologic features.

The book is lavishly and colour fully illustrated throughout with drawings and preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative photographs.

An award-winning video-Cd-rom provided with the book gives visual experience of live surgery and better comprehension of the concept of the sliding system.

Prefaces by Pr Claude VERDAN (Lausanne - SWITZERLAND), Pr Harold E. KLEINERT (Louisville - USA)
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