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Strolling under the skin

Promenades sous la peau.

The world lying beneath the skin remains to be discovered... be discovered by scientists because apart from a few notions evidenced at the beginning of the 20th century, the relationships between the organic structures and how they slide together are poorly understood. be discovered also by the layman, who will come upon a world of colors, changing structures, a world constantly adapting, whose ultimate goal is to provide flexibility, allow movement and maintain equilibrium... More

New ideas in hand flexor tendon surgery.

Only available in english

The sliding system. Vascularized flexor tendon transfers.

This is a practical and comprehensive guide for hand surgeons to innovations in hand flexor tendon reconstructions introducing new concepts such as the Multimicrovacuolar Collagenic Absorbing System, the Sliding Unit, vascularized island flexor tendon autotransfers with or without associated skin flap, and vascularized flexor tendon homotransplants... More

Architecture of human living fascia

Accompanied by a DVD Video

This richly illustrated book, with accompanying DVD, presents Dr Guimberteau’s groundbreaking work, and explains its significance for medical doctors, scientists, manual therapists and movement teachers, and its implications for what they do with patients and clients. More