Architecture of human living fascia

Language : French English
Author : Dr. J-C Guimberteau

This richly illustrated book, with accompanying DVD and a mini website, presents Dr Guimberteau's groundbreaking work, and explains its significance for medical doctors, scientists, manual therapists and movement teachers, and its implications for what they do with patients and clients.
Dr Guimberteau is the first person to film living human tissue through an endoscope in an attempt to understand the organisation of living matter. He has developed his own concept of the multifibrillar structural organisation of the body and has also developed a concept of global dynamics and continuous matter.
He has opened a window into a strange world of fibrillar chaos and unpredictable behaviour, and has revealed the morphodynamic nature of the fibrils that constitute the connective tissue, as well as the fractal, non-linear behaviour of these fibrils.
His work proposes a new way of thinking about the living form.

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