ENDOVIVO is a society whose aim is to incite scientists to use the most sophisticated audiovisual techniques in order to explore thoroughly the living matter and to enable the general public to have access to a better knowledge of this living matter.

Based on the works of J.C.GUIMBERTEAU, Plastic surgeon specialist in hand surgery, ENDOVIVO presents video-films and books for the knowledge of the human living matter.

These documents can interest :

  • specialists, academic people, medecine doctors, medical staff,
  • students,
  • the general public.

They were shot during surgeries, with tourniquet on and are totally in vivo.
Jean-Claude Guimberteau was born in 1947. He is founder of the Institut Aquitain de la Main and past President (2012) of the French Plastic, Reconstructive and Esthetic surgery society.


Jean-Claude Guimberteau with Handspring Publishing present their new book "Architecture of human living fascia." A richly illustrated book accompanied by a DVD Video and a mini website for viewing many sequences never seen before.

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ENDOVIVO offers free reading and download the Dr. J-C Guimberteau's book :
“New ideas in hand flexor tendon surgery”

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J.C. GUIMBERTEAU has explored new experimental fields and has tried to explain the gliding of the structures under the skin. After hundred of observations, he has concluded that it seems that there is one unique architectural system and that the tissue continuity is global.

He thinks that sharing these discoveries will incite people to get into this scientific world showing this new way of explaining living matter organization

These pictures register in the history of the contemporary filmography, giving birth to a look of a new type, to discover...